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Eckhardt, Anthony George (1771-1798)

Eckhardt, Anthony George

London, cabinet maker (fl. 1771–98)

Trading at Hans Pl., Chelsea in 1798. In 1771 he patented for fourteen years a portable table ‘with Double or Single Folding Flaps and Folding Feet, and also a New Portable Chair, so Contrived as to Answer all the Purposes of the common Tables and Chairs, and at the same Time to Lay in the Compass of a Small Box.’ In 1798 he took out another patent for his ‘Improved Method of Making Chairs, Sofas, Stools, Benches, &c., &c., Adapted for Rooms or Carriages with Backs and Seates, or Cushions fixed in such a Manner as instantly to Change or Shew Two Different Surfaces in One …’. A portable table bearing a tablet with the monogram JL beneath a crown and ’BY THE KING’S PATENT, corresponding to the details in the patent specification is illus. Gilbert (1996), fig. 306. The V & A Museum has an unmarked but identical table (W.76:1-1926, illus. Gilbert (1996), fig. 307).

Source: DEFM; Gilbert, Pictorial Dictionary of Marked London Furniture 1700-1840 (1996).

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.