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Dutton, Thomas (1790-1837)

Dutton, Thomas, Liverpool, cm (1790–1837). Trading at Union St, Old Hall, St, with shop at Thomas St, Pool Lane in 1790; 11 Russell St, 1800–07; Russell St, Fairclough St and Ranelagh St, 1810–11; Fairclough St, 1813; 8 Cheapside, 1814–27; 7 Nelson St, 1824; and 7 Cornwallis St, 1835–37. App. to John Eden, and admitted freeman on servitude on 20 June 1790. Took app. named Thomas Jebson in 1802, who petitioned freedom in 1812; Luke Plunkett in 1808, petitioned freedom in 1816; John O'Neill in 1807, petitioned in 1816; Thomas Morgan in 1810, petitioned in 1818; and John Ball in 1814, petitioned in 1821. Took apps named Maurice Powers and John Murray in 1819; and Thomas Dean in 1822. Father of John Dutton, broker, born on 13 November 1800, who petitioned freedom on birthright in 1822. [D; Liverpool app. enrolment bk, freemen reg. and committee bk] See John, Joseph, Nathan, Nathaniel & William Dutton.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.