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Duplain, Claude (1740-1769)

Duplain, Claude

Dublin, Ireland; upholder, furniture seller, Toyman and Laceman (fl.1740-69)

Recorded at the sign of the Blue Door at the lower end of Fleet Street, 1740-60; Ussher's Quay, 1762-9.

The Universal Advertiser, 22 September 1753, advertised ‘The fine collection of French furniture, imported by Claude Duplain. Consisting of bookcases, commodes, secretaries, tables, tables de toilettes, tables de nuit, tables de papitre and other things, and made of the finest kind of Indian wood curiously inlaid, are now selling at first cost for ready money only. Also a parcel of French brocades and embroider waistcoats’.

Source: Glin & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 273.