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Dollett (Dollitt or Dol(l)iff), George (1767-1812)

Dollett (Dollitt or Dol(l)iff), George, Minories, London, cm, u and joiner (1767–1812). Recorded in Swan St, 1776; and 48 Minories, 1780–1812. Possibly the George Dollitt, joiner who insured property for £250 on 1 June 1767 with the Hand in Hand Co. George Dolliff, cm, of the Minories was declared bankrupt, Gents Mag., July 1770. Took out Sun Insurance policies in 1776 and 1780 both for £600, utensils, stock and goods accounting for £410 and £350 respectively. Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803. [D; GL, Hand in Hand MS vol. 106, p. 30; GL, Sun MS vol. 248, p. 265; vol. 283, p. 474; Heal]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.