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Davis (or Davies), Peter (1822-37)

Davis (or Davies), Peter, Lime St, Liverpool, u, feather bed and mattress maker (1822–37). Trading at 9 Lime St, 1822–27, with manufactory at 30 Cable St, 61 Lime St, 1827–29; no. 69, 1832–34; and no. 57, 1837. [D] Advertised the opening of his feather bed warehouse in Liverpool Mercury, 8 November 1802; and on 25 February 1825 announced that he had ‘lately made considerable improvements in the mode of STOVING FEATHERS’, making his goods ‘perfectly sweet & clean’. He advertised his re-dressing service for old beds, and his stock of ‘prime DANZIG, IRISH & LINCOLNSHIRE GOOSE & POULTRY FEATHERS’. Advertised again, 5 May 1826; and on 11 May 1827 his removal to 61 Lime St. On 15 June announced that he had ‘engaged some first-rate hands in the UPHOLSTERY line, who have been accustomed to work in London’ and described his stock of beds, cabinet and upholstery goods, bedding, feathers and cabin furniture. On 21 September 1827 advertised that he had ‘lately opened a connexion with several manufacturers of FRINGES, BELL ROPES, BLIND CORDS & every description of BED FURNITURE LACES’. His expansion into the household removal business, using ‘Cart on Springs’, was announced on 27 March 1829; and a ‘newly invented ELASTIC METAL SPRING BED’ which ‘supersedes the use of Feather Bed, Mattress & Paillasse’, suitable particularly for invalids and emigrants to hot climates, was advertised on 29 June 1832. Announced on 21 February 1834 that he was declining ‘all connexion with the Upholstery business’, intending to confine himself to ‘his original Business of FEATHER BED & MATTRESS MANUFACTURER’.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.