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Cranston & Elliott (1884)

Cranston & Elliott

North Bridge, Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet makers, upholsterers and house furnishers (fl.1884)

The firm fitted up and furnished the Grand Reception Room at the 1884 International Forestry Exhibition, Edinburgh, at their own expense. This was carried out in honour of Her Majesty and the late Duke of Albany, who had been expected to open the exhibition. The majority of cabinet work was made with inlaid rosewood, the upholstery on chairs and couches in golden brown Genoa velvet (illus.). Also an ebony secretaire inlaid with mother of pearl and a small Louis XIV style ebony cabinet inlaid with polished brass. 

The firm also furnished oak furniture upholstered in peacock blue velvet for the Writing and Jurors Room [The Furniture Gazette, 31 May & 26 July 1884].