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Cooper, Joseph (1761-1828)

Cooper, Joseph, London, carver, gilder, looking-glass maker, cm and u (1761–1828). From 1761 to 1797 at 20 Noble St, Foster Lane. In 1761 he was licenced to employ three nonfreemen for three months and took out further licences to employ two non-freemen in 1762–63 and 1767. First mentioned in directories in 1763. In 1777 shown to have additional premises at 9 Fitchet Ct. Up to 1795 appears to have been solely a carver and gilder and as such concerned with the manufacture of looking-glasses. In 1795 for the first time cabinet wares are mentioned. In 1802 moved to 107 Bishopgate Within and after 1820 the number changed to 93. It was in this period that the trading style of the business changed. From 1814 the business was called Cooper & Co. and certainly by 1817 he had a partner called Elliott, hence the use of the name Cooper, Elliott & Co. The partnership may not have lasted long for by 1822 the business was trading as Joseph Cooper & Son. A trade card from the 93 Bishopsgate address is in the Towneley papers. Their stock included a ‘Variety of Solid Portable Furniture, Improved Light Beds for the East & West Indies, An elegant assortment of Brussels and Turkey Carpeting, Floor Cloth etc.’. They also advertised themselves as Appraisers, Undertakers and Paper-hangers. The trade card shows an engraving of their business premises consisting of a double fronted shop with central doorway and above three stories. [D; GL, City Licence bks, vols 2, 3 and 5; Preston RO, Towneley papers, box 10]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.