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Cooke, Joshua (1762-1779)

Cooke, Joshua

London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl. 1762–79)

The son of the skinner, Caleb Cooke of Compton, Dorset, apprenticed to Thomas Cooke and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Company under the 1750 Upholders’ Act on 5 August 1762 [Guildhall Library (GL), Upholders' Company records].

His address in 1762 is given as Holborn and within two years he was in Shoe Lane. In 1766 he had relocated to Little Moorgate which may be the same address as 3 Broker's Row, Moorfields which he occupied from 1769–75. In 1773, however, an alternative address of 21 Pavement, Moorfields is listed. He moved in 1775 to 22 Cheapside and in 1778 was at 80 Holborn Bridge.

Between 1762 and 1769 licenced to employ non-freemen. In 1763 and 1764 he held licences to employ fourteen non-freemen for six weeks each, but for other periods the number was fewer and from 1766 only two non-freemen were licenced [Guildhall Library (GL), City Licence books, vols 3–6].

He bound Charles Morgan as an apprentice, 1767–74.

The business was ultimately unsuccessful and in November 1779 he is recorded as a poor Member’ of the Upholders’ Company and a pensioner. [Guildhall Library (GL), Upholders' Company records].

Source: DEFM

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.