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Clarkson, William (1760)

Clarkson, William

‘The King's Head’, corner of Old Bedlam, Moorfields, London, upholder, appraiser, cabinet maker and undertaker (fl. c. 1760)

trade card
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© The Trustees of the British Museum

Trade card of William Clarkson, cabinet maker, at the King's Head, the corner of Old Bedlam, Moorfields, London, c. 1790 [Heal,28.40]. © The Trustees of the British Museum

His trade card states that he ‘Makes & sells all Sorts of Upholstery, Cabinet Goods viz. Four Post & other Bedsteads, wth Damask, Mohair, Moreen, Harratteen, Cheney, Cotton & Check Furnitr, Feather Beds, Blankets, Quilts, Matresses, Counterpanes, Coverlids and Rugs, Desks & Bookcases, Chests of Drawers &c., Chairs, Ding Card & other Tables in Mahogany & Walnuttree. Looking Glasses in Carv'd, Gilt & other Frames, wth Carpets & Paper Hanggs of all sorts’.

He also offered to sell estates, stocks in trade and household furniture on commission. A walnut looking-glass with carved and gilt enrichments is illustrated in Gilbert (1996), figs 198-200, as well its damaged label and the intact version of the trade card.

Source: DEFM; Gilbert, Pictorial Dictionary of Marked London Furniture 1700-1840 (1996).

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.