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Burrows, Humphrey jnr (1833-1849)

Burrows, Humphrey jnr

Jordan House, London Rd, and The Parade, Tunbridge Wells, Kent; Tunbridge-ware manufacturer (fl.1833-1849)

The son of and successor to Humphrey Burrows snr, he was baptised on 4 January 1812. Humphrey jnr. took over the business which he leased from his father in 1833; altering Jordan House (also called The Royal Tunbridge Ware Repository) to add a new workshop in 1844. At this time showrooms were on The Parade. 

Soon after his father’s death in 1845, Humphrey jnr. sold the business to C. & J. or G. & J. Cottington, who traded at the same premises until about 1849. Humphrey jnr. continued to live in the town until his death in 1854.

A work box bearing this firm’s label is illustrated in Austen, Furniture History (1997), Figs 6 & 7.

See Humphrey Burrows snr

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The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.