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Burchett, Percy (1902-1916)

Burchett, Percy

Daneway, Gloucestershire; cabinet maker (fl.1902-16)

In 1902 joined the Daneway Workshops and after the death of Ernest Gimson death in 1919 he continued to work with Peter Waals at the Chalford Workshops.

Burchett recorded as the maker of a case of drawers, of walnut and ebony, designed and exhibited by Ernest Gimson at the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, London, 1906 (cat. no. 404), price £8 10s.

At the Arts & Crafts Exhibition Society, London, 1916, also listed as the maker of a table cabinet in English walnut (458f.), price £16, and, with Henry Davoll, a dressing table in burr elm and ebony (458x); both exhibited by Gimson.

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