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Brown Brothers (1878-1900)

Brown Brothers

Edinburgh, Scotland & London; cabinet makers and art cabinet makers (fl.1878-1900)

A cabinet made by Brown Brothers, Edinburgh was exhibited at the 1878 Paris Exhibition [The Furniture Gazette, 26 October 1878]. They were also recorded in a review of the firms participating in this exhibition [The Furniture Gazette, 24 April 1880].

The firm had opened at 115 Princes Street, Edinburgh, next to the Conservative Club [The Furniture Gazette, 1 July 1885]. 

The Furniture Gazette: Classified List of the Furniture, Upholstery and Allied Trades, 1886, recorded Brown Brothers as Art Furniture Manufacturers and Merchants at Caledonian Crescent, Dairy Road, Edinburgh and 204 Great Portland Street.   

A firm named Brown Brothers were suppliers in 1900 of bedroom suites to Heal’s, Tottenham Court Road; possibly the company as above or the firm based in Piccadilly (1871).  

Source: Heal, Sir Ambrose Heal and the Heal Cabinet Factory 1897-1939 (2014).