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Blunt, Charles (1685-1705)

Blunt, Charles, Brook St, near Holborn Bars, London, u (1685–1705). Advertised sale, London Gazette, 20 March 1690, of ‘A Fine large Tent lined with a bedstead and six large Russia Leather Stools, a good Marquee, and two French Tents, a handsome carriage cover'd with Leather and four Harnesses all New’. His accounts mention in 1687–88 a gilt frame sold to Mr Graves for 15s. In 1705 he wrote to his cousin, possibly Sir John Blunt of the South Sea Co. in the Bay of Bengal, to bring the finest muslins from abroad. Charles Blunt's accounts, 1686–92, name his patrons including Sir Robert Clarke, Sir Francis Blundell, Dowager Countess of Mountrath, Lady Ellsmore, Lady Ellis, Sir John Champentaire, Sir Henry Ingolsby and Lady E., Lord Abercorn, Sir Ralph Verney, Countess of Portland, Lady Vera Wilkinson, Sir Charles Fielding, Sir John Wilkinson, Lady Porthscourt, Lady Sadler, Earl of Mulgrave, and Squire Robert of Radnorshire. [PRO, C114/164, pt 1] Named in the accounts of Hoare's Bank, Fleet St receiving £48 in 1703 and £48 6s 8d in 1705. [Ledger nos 5/327, 7/243, 16/195]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.