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Binns, Edward (1791-1820)

Binns, Edward, Mount St, Grosvenor Sq., London, cm, u and appraiser (1791–1820). Recorded at 1 Burden St with shop at Mount St in 1791; 99 Mount St, 1803–11; and no. 102, 1810–20. Took out Sun Insurance policies on 13 January 1791 for £200, £50 accounting for utensils, stock and goods in trust, £48 for stock in shop in Burden St and £50 for utensils and stock in shop in Mount St; on 17 April 1805 for £1,050, utensils, stock and goods in trust accounting for £450, a house at 10 Mount St in tenure, £100, wareroom behind, £50, and utensils, stock and goods in trust, £50. Took out further policies on 2 April 1807 for £1,050, utensils and stock accounting for £550; and on 14 April 1810 for £2,400, of which house, workshops and goods accounted for £1,800, houses at 103–04 Mount St, £500, and warehouse behind, stock, utensils and goods, £100. Submitted a bill in November 1816 for furnishing a house for Lady Viscountess Kirkwale. Subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793, and named in his list of master cabinet makers, 1803. [D: Sun MS ref. 579092; vol. 434, ref. 775615; vol. 440, ref. 800956; vol. 453, ref. 844451; PRO, C13 710/33]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.