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Bijar, Robert and Mary (1742-1769)

Bijar, Robert and Mary

Dublin, Ireland; japanners and wallpaper sellers (fl.1742-69)

Robert Bijar was recorded in Abbey Street, 1742-9, where he died in 1749. He was succeeded by his widow, Mary.

Faulkner’s Dublin Journal, 25-28 November 1749: ‘Mary Bijar, widow of the late Mr. Robert Bijar, is just arrived from London and has just opened an Indian ware-house the lower end of Abbey-street and has just imported the following goods viz Indian silks and other paduasoys, grograms, sattins, damasks, painted Indian calicoes, Indian dressing boxes, tea-boards, tea-chests, tooth-brushes, Indian paper for hanging and japanning, painted Indian calicos, India dressing boxes, tea boards, tea chests, tooth brushes, tooth cases and spoons, kettle and lamps, bread baskets, waiters and bottle trinkets, Silesia flowered lawns, muslins, cotton stockings, a variety of white genuine Italian flowers for breast or hair, all sorts of ear rings, necklaces, variety of India fans, all sorts of useful and ornamental china (except dishes and plates) China cased knives and forks, and new fashioned chandeliers and right Turkish coffee. As she bought and imported the above goods herself, she will sell them as cheap as any in Dublin, and hopes for the interest of her late husbands friends’.

Mary Bijar was recorded in Abbey Street, 1750-69.

Source: Glin & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 291.