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Bell, Daniel (1725-1734)

Bell, Daniel

London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (1725–34)

Supplied furniture and upholstery to the Duke of Montrose between 1725–29 including a large mahogany oval table and frame, £6 15s, six walnut chairs with scarlet lace seats, £10 4s, a mahogany tea table, a large walnut couch and 15 yards of red shalloon for the Duchess of Montrose; 2 large walnut quadrille tables with folding frames, £8 8s, a mahogany pier table, a walnut ‘necessary square stool with black leather feet’; 2 large walnut elbow chairs with stuffed backs and red linen seats, and a walnut couch frame.

In 1731 he supplied ‘mahogany drawers and a wainscot table’ to the Duchess of Montrose's apartment, costing £5 11s 6d. 

In partnership with Thomas Moore when they supplied ‘The Honourable Counsellor Rider’ with a quantity of furniture in May and June 1734. These bills are receipted: ‘Daniel Bell and Self, Thos. Moore. Moore & Bell also supplied furniture to Benjamin Mildmay, Earl Fitzwalter at Moulsham Hall (c.1730). 

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Source: DEFM

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.