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Beckwith, John (1806-1816)

Beckwith, John

5 Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, London; upholder and cabinet maker (fl. 1806–16)

Also recorded at 8 Stangate Street, Lambeth, in 1808.

trade card
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British Museum

Trade card of BECKWITH, Upholder, CABINET MAKER &c. N:o Rathbone Place, OXFORD STREET, 1806 [D,2.665]. © The Trustees of the British Museum

In 1806 worked at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire and Hatfield town house, ‘The Casino’, Aldborough, carrying out repairs to upholstery and supplying, among other things, a large dumbwaiter costing £10. The Hatfield House town accounts record payments in 1811 for items provided and work done at ‘The Casino’, totalling £170 7s 9½d and including, on May 27, ‘A large scrowl couch for bed; japanned bamboo and stuffed with best hair in fine canvas with squab, brass castors etc.’ costing £17 8s.

Between October and December 1811 Beckwith supplied items totalling £103 16s 11d, including, on 12 November ‘a new white cover filled with your flock, tassled and quilted’; and on 12 December ‘2 deep moulding picture frames gilt on burnished gold with shells in the corners’.

Named in partnership with Hawksworth, 1814–16, in the Hatfield town accounts carrying out repairs costing £67 15s 6d [Hatfield House MS bills 604, 636].

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The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.