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Baxendale, Lloyd (1730-1814)

Baxendale, Lloyd

11 Oldhall St, Liverpool; upholsterer and cabinet maker (b. 1730/31–d. 1813/14).

Son of Josiah and brother of Joseph Baxendale. Admitted freeman of Liverpool on 26 October 1754 and of Lancaster, 1767–68. He was still working in Liverpool when he voted in Lancaster in 1784. Recorded in West Derby in 1790. Took app. named Rosson in 1754. Former apps, Edward Fishwick, petitioned freedom in 1767, George Chesworth in 1774, Adam Cross in 1778 and Andrew Rosson in 1792. Reported in charge of the sale of a bankrupt's furniture on 25 September 1783 including ‘an assortment of exceeding good mahogany goods in the present taste’. Obituary notice of 7 January 1814 states ‘Lately of London, aged 83 years’. 

Sources: DEFM; Stuart, Gillows of Lancaster and London 1730-1840 (2008), II, p. 312.



The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.