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Bateman, Redman (1751-1773)

Bateman, Redman

Lancaster, Lancashire; cabinet maker (fl.1751–73)

The son of Ann Bateman, widow of Kendal, Redman was apprenticed to Robert Bell of Lancaster on 27 May 1751 and admitted freeman, 1761–62.

Recorded in partnership with William Blackburne in 1762. William Forrest (who had worked in London for some years) had joined them by 1765, but Blackburne was no longer a partner in 1769. Bateman and Forrest continued as partners for a few more years. The partners were almost certainly related by marriage because the Lancaster cabinet maker, Redman Bateman was married to William Forrest's sister, Elizabeth (26 October 1767), a spinster from a nearby village, Melling.

Eight apprentices were bound to various partners: Joseph Crofts (1762); Robert Russell (1765); Robert Anderson and Robert Greenwood (1766); James Hodgson (1769); John Mansergh (1770); and Thomas Cowper and Thomas Edmondson (1773).

The partners were listed in the Gillow’s Petty Ledger for 1773-77.

Source: DEFM; Stuart, Gillows of Lancaster and London 1730-1840 (2008), II, p. 216.

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.