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Barber, James (1763-1830)

Barber, James

Newark, Nottinghamshire; cabinet maker, upholsterer and chair manufacturer (b.1763–d.1830)

Addresses at Dry Bridge (1788–98); Carter Gate (1805–07 & 1819–22).

As James Barber & Sons in 1828 [Poll books].

Probably the James Barker (or Barber) recorded as cabinet maker in Newark (1793).  

Barber advertised on 9 May 1788 for two journeymen cabinet makers: ‘Good Workmen may find constant Employment by applying to JAMES BARBER… who begs leave to inform the Public that he has laid in a choice Assortment of the newest Patterns of Looking Glasses &c and every article in the Cabinet Business. His customers may be supplied with the best of Goods, on the Shortest Notice, and of the cheapest Terms. The Trade may be supplied with any quantity of the new fashioned hair covering for Chairs. NB. An Apprentice wanted.’ 

He advertised again on 2 July 1790 for two journeymen cabinet makers who must apply to ‘his Glass Warehouse on the Dry Bridge’.

His death (aged 67 years) was announced in Drakard's Stamford News, 12 March 1830. 

Source: DEFM

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.