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Baines, Abraham & Son (1811-1828)

Baines, Abraham & Son

Ludgate St, 1 St Paul's Churchyard, London; cabinet and upholstery warehousemen (fl.1811–28)

Named as Baines & Son in directories between 1822–28. The stamp of Baines & Son, 1 St Paul's, London, occurs on a circular monopodium rosewood table with a plaque underneath stating, in French, that Napoleon Bonaparte signed his abdication upon it in 1814 at Fontainebleau. A set of four simulated rosewood and gild dining chairs impressed ‘BAINES & SON ST PAULS CHURCHYARD’, and a sideboard bearing the inscription ‘T. Baines London 1815’ have been recorded. A pair of birch chairs stamped ‘BAINES & SON NO 1 ST PAULS CHURCHYARD’ and set of six in rosewood stamped ‘BAINES No. 1 ST PAULS CHURCHYARD’ are illus. in Gilbert (1996), figs 33-35. From 1823–27 Margaret or Margery Baines & Son, John, are listed at 1 St Paul's Churchyard. 

Source: DEFM; Gilbert, Pictorial Dictionary of Marked London Furniture 1700-1840 (1996).

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.