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Allwood, Thomas (1772–93)

Allwood, Thomas

35 Gt Russell St, London; carver and gilder (fl.1772–93)

Probably the same Thomas Allwood who was apprenticed to Thomas Johnson in 1752. Carried out work at Bedford House, London for Gertrude, Dowager Duchess of Bedford, 1772–85, during the minority of her son Francis, 5th Duke of Bedford. This work concerned the making, mending and gilding of frames and cost £78 13s 3d. Between October 1792 and April 1793 work was carried out by Allwood for which the 5th Duke paid £594 14s. Allwood was also paid £218 12s 9d for furnishings for the Dowager Duchess's house at 112 Pall Mall, but the items are not specified. Employed at Carlton House, London, 1783–86, where the work amounted to £4,941 3s 3d and Henry Wood acted as examiner for his bills. Worked for Sir Lawrence Dundas, submitting an undated estimate for making a glass frame for either 19 Arlington St, London or Moor Park, Herts. Carried out work for Lord Monson in April 1782 amounting to £26 15s. Worked for Sir John Nelthorpe, submitting an account on 8 July 1783 for carving and gilding a picture frame costing £4 13s. A further account, dated 8 April 1785, is ‘to carving & gilding two frames for pictures by Mr. Stubbs’, costing £1 4s 6d.

Source: DEFM; De Bellaigue, ‘The Crimson Drawing Room, Carlton House’, Furniture History (1990); Simon, ‘Thomas Johnson’s Life of the Author’, Furniture History (2003).

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.