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Allum (Allam), William; Thomas (1785-1850)

Allum (Allam), William; Allam, Thomas

Market Deeping & Deeping St James, Lincolnshire; chair maker, chair turner (fl.1785-1850)

William Allum advertised with an address of Market Deeping in the Stamford Mercury, 6 May 1785, for ‘A JOURNEYMAN PIN CHAIR-MAKER’. 

Probably the same man, William Allam, was recorded in Deeping St James, 1797.

The 1841 census recorded both Thomas and his son, William as chair makers and William was listed in Slater’s General Directory (1850) as a chair turner.

Sources: DEFM; Parker, ‘The Elusive Turn-pin Chair, Regional Furniture (2018).