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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Accrington and Church Cooperative Society (1879)Accrington, Lancashire, England cabinet maker, upholsterer
Achurch, Thomas (1724)St Dunstans in the West, London joiner
Ackerley, John (1834)Standishgate, Wigan, Lancs., England cabinet maker
Ackerman & Co. (1796-1840)London, England carvers, gilders and general repository of the arts
Ackers, James (1780-81)157 Dale St, Liverpool, England cabinet maker and victualler
Ackery, J., Bristol (1834-40)cabinet maker and chair manufacturer
Ackery, Joshua (1834-1839)2 Jacob St, Bristol, Somerset, Southwest region, England chair maker
Ackland, William (1666)Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Ackroyd, Jane & Sons (1829-39)44 William St, Brighton, Sussex, England French polishers and japanners
Ackroyd, John (1879-1882)64 Downing St 17 Brook St; Chorlton; Lancashire, England turner
Ackworth, William (1802–11)86 High Street, Chatham, Kent, England upholder and cabinet maker
Acland, Edwin (1871)20 Berners Mews, Oxford Street, London, England Cabinet maker
Acland, G. (1882)21 Granby Street, Hampstead Road, London, England cabinet maker
Acocks, John Mace (1877)39 Shepperton Road, Islington, London, England chair maker
Acourt, Mathew (1680)
Acres, Edward (1806-25)30 Gt Russell St, London, England carver and gilder
Acres, Frances (1689)Oxford, Oxfordshire
Acres, Richard (1662)
Acres, Richard (1680)Chesson, Hertfordshire
Acres, Richard (1687)
Acres, Robert (1667)Stanton, Hertfordshire
Acret, John (1778-1793)44 Wardour St, London, England carver, gilder and picture frame maker
Acton, Elizabeth (1888)Lower Park St, Congleton, Cheshire, Northwest region, England turner
Acton, George (1851-1874)Back Park St Lower Park St; Congleton; Cheshire, England wood turner
Acton, Henry (1746)Shrewsbury, Shropshire joiner