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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Abegg, John Henry (1757)parish of St Ann, Westminster, London, England upholder
Abel, Anthony (1778-1802)5 Upper Westwick Street, Norwich, England cabinet-maker
Abel, Anthony (1801)5 Upper Westwick St, Norwich, England cabinet maker
Abel, Daniel (1838-1868)Pottergate Street; then Bedford Street, Norwich, England upholsterer
Abel, John (1577–1674)Abbey Dore, Herefordshire, England joiner
Abel, John (1620-1640)Sarnesfield, Herefordshire, England carpenter, joiner
Abel, John (1748)London, England upholder
Abel, Samuel (1775-95)Church Gate, Loughborough, Leics., England cabinet maker, joiner, appraiser and auctioneer
Abel, Thomas (1839-1842)Pitt Street, Norwich, England cabinet-maker
Abel, Thomas (1844)Church Street, Knighton, Radnorshire, Wales carpenter, joiner
Abel, William (1818)Bristol, England cabinet maker
Abel, William (1839)Pitt St, Norwich, England cabinet maker
Abell, Lawrence (1594)Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks., England joiner
Abell, W. C. (1835)25 Sidmouth Street, Gray's Inn Road, London, England upholsterer
Abell, William (1826-1845)Great Eastcheap, London, England
Fish Street Hill, London
upholsterer, bed maker, mattress maker
Abercrombie & Son (1882-1902)30, 32 & 36 Whitfield Street, London, England cabinet brass finishers, ormolu manufacturers, bronzists
Abercrombie (1883)Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England carver
Abercunning, John (1681)London, England cabinet maker
Abercunning, John (1681)London
Aberdour, James (1871)7 Howland Mews West, London, England Cabinet maker
Aberley, Joseph (1663)Horecrosse, Staffordshire
Aberley, Thomas (1709)Charleton, Kent
Aberley, Thomas (1718)
Abernethy, Charles (1825–27)27 Canal Street upholsterer
Abernethy, Johnwright