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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Blake, Robert (1784)11 King St, Snowsfields, London, England picture frame maker and gilder
Blake, Robert (1787)London, England apprentice, joiner
Blake, Samuel (1840)Church St, Pershore, Worcs., England cabinet maker
Blake, Thomas (1721)Chesterfield, Derbyshire joiner
Blake, Thomas (1763)Hesson, Middlesex joiner
Blake, William (1682)Bletchinly, Surrey
Blake, William (1690)
Blake, William (1707)London
Blake, William (1723)St James Clerkenwell, Middlesex joiner
Blake, William (1731)Putney, Surrey joiner
Blake, William (1784)Gt St Andrew's St, Seven Dials, London, England cabinet maker
Blake, William (1793-1826)High St, Croydon, Surrey, England broker and upholder
Blake, William (1800)Ryder's tenement, Lemon St, Truro, Cornwall, England cabinet maker
Blakeley, George (1822-37)London, England bed and mattress maker
Blakely & Thomas (1845-1871)London, England bed maker, mattress maker
Blakeman, Solloman (1712)‘The Barber's Pole’, Harthorn's Lane, Strand, London, England tablemaker
Blakemore, G. A. (1876)London, England upholsterer, auctioneer
Blakemore, John & Alfred; Blakemore, Taylor & Co. (1876-1883)Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, England upholsterer
Blaker, John (1683)St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
Blaker, John (1695)
Blaker, Joseph (1705)address unrecorded, England upholder
Blaker, R. C. (1880)church furniture maker
Blakesl(e)y (or Blaksley), Robert (1770-1787)York, England carver, gilder and composition maker
Blakesly, William (1781)Micklegate, York, England carver and gilder
Blakeston, William (1841)North Side, Old Dock, Hull, Yorkshire, Northeast region, England turner