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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
Baptie, Alexander (1826–27)90 Rose Street wright
Baptie, William (1795–1815)Bristo Street cabinet-maker
Baptie, William (1801)Edinburgh, Scotland cabinet maker
Baptist & Angus (1827-29)Elliot's Ct, 29 Bigg Mkt, Newcastle, England cabinet maker
Baptist, Alexander (1827)5 Rankin's Yd, Newgate St, Newcastle, England cabinet maker
Bapty & Co. (1857)Leeds, Yorkshire, Northeast region, England turner
Bar(r)iff, Thomas (1817-25)51 Charlotte St, Whitechapel, London, England cabinet maker and upholder
Bar(r)on, John (1719-57)address unrecorded, England upholder
Bar(r)on, John (1823-30)Fore St, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, England cabinet maker
Bar(r)on, Randolph (1709-29)Martletts Ct, Bow St, St Martin-in-theFields, London, England upholder
Bar(r)y, Edward (1792)Long Acre, London, England upholder
Baratt, James (1719)London
Barbaroux, William (1765)Golden Lyon, St Paul’s Churchyard, London, England gilt leather worker
Barber, Charles (1768)St Clement Danes, Middlesex joiner
Barber, Charles (1832)parish of St Owen, Hereford, England joiner and cabinet maker
Barber, Edward (1667)London
Barber, Edward (1674)
Barber, Elias (1779)1 Minday's Ct, Carnaby Mkt, London, England sedan chairmaker
Barber, F. (1879)Luton, Bedfordshire, England picture frame maker
Barber, George (1721)London joiner
Barber, George (1773-1784)Cork, Ireland Cabinet maker
Barber, George (1780)Canterbury, Kent, England cabinet maker
Barber, J. (1835)16 Cateaton St, London, England desk and dressing case maker
Barber, Jacob (1802-28)London, England cabinet maker and upholder
Barber, James (1746-49)Portugal St, Piccadilly, London, England upholder