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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
T(h)oms, Richard (1791-96)Exeter, Devon, England chairmaker
T(h)waites, Edward (1818-30)Canterbury, Kent, England upholder and cabinet maker
T. T. (1766-67)address not stated, England gilt leather maker
Tabary, James, John and Louis (1655-1699)Dublin, Ireland gilder and carver
Tabb, Charles (1830)St Andrew, Norwich, England cabinet-maker
Tabb, Charles (1830)parish of St Andrew, Norwich, England cabinet maker
Tabbey, Daniel (1706)Whitechurch, Bedfordshire
Taber, John (1671)Cantebury, Kent
Tabor John (1719)
Tabor Robert (1747)Braintree, Ess
Tabor, John (1709-1725)near ‘White Horse Inn’, Fleet Street, London, England upholder
Tabor, Robert (1747-54)address unrecorded, England upholder
Tabor, William (1877)7a Hemsworth Street, Hoxton, London, England cabinet maker
Tabor, — (1826-27)28 King St, Golden Sq., London, England carver
Tabraham, John (1719)London
Tabraham, William (1685)Edmonton, Middlesex
Tabraham, William (1692)
Tacchi, Anthony (1830-39)Bedford, England carver, gilder and paper hanger
Tackaberry, Nathaniel (1783-1785)Dublin, Ireland Joiner
Tackett, Thomas (1670)Marfield, Leicestershire
Tackett, Thomas (1680)
Tad, John (1669)Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire
Tadd, Henry (1670)Ashen, Wiltshire
Tadd, John (1676)
Tadman, Henry (1826-42)Hull, Yorks., England cabinet maker and upholder