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Name (Active Years)Address(es)Occupation(s)
H. W. (1760-75)London?, England chair maker?
Haarburger, Charles (1871)8 Trump Street, London, England Cabinet maker
Habberly, William (1702)Hempton, Shropshire
Habberly, William (1717)
Habbot, James (1752-55)Chester, England joiner and cabinet maker
Habden, William (1700)
Habderley, William (1731)London joiner
Haberfeild, Samuel (1707)
Haberfield, Samuel (1698)North Petherton, Somerset
Habever, Martin; Haberer, Martin (1825-1827)4 Horseferry Road, London, England
17 Seymour Place, Bryanston Square, London
buhl manufacturer, cabinet maker, upholsterer, chair maker
Habgood, Henry (1840)Wimborne, Dorset, England upholder and cabinet maker
Habgood, William (1783-1808)London, England carver, gilder and frame maker
Habin, Stephen (1724)Eastinen, Hampshire joiner
Hacche, John (1838)South St, South Molton, Devon, England upholder and cabinet maker
Hack (1885)North Street, Poplar, London, England furniture maker
Hack, R (1839)17 South Audley St, London, England cabinet maker and upholder
Hack, William (1822)Baxtergate, Loughborough, Leics., England joiner/cabinet maker
Hacker (1775)—, address unrecorded, England cabinet maker
Hacker, George (1688)St. Andrews Holborn, Middlesex
Hacker, George (1696)
Hacker, Henry (1871)56 Barclay Street, Somers Town, London, England Cabinet maker
Hacker, Richard M. (1871)11 Jewry Street, Aldgate, London, England cabinet maker, upholsterer
Hacket, John (1686)London
Hacket, Joshua (1843-1850)Attleborough no address; Nuneaton; Warwickshire, England chair maker
Hacket, —